Update pt2

Completely settled into my new place now. I love it very much, and am looking forward to saving money to travel soon and shoot more editorial work, and style more shoots. I apologize to every photographer I have expressed wanting to work with, but have not been able to deliver. It literally costs thousands to build wardrobe and pay for travel, and as always, I am doing this from scratch. 

Donations made during my move, I will contact you soon to give you promo packs and modeling prints as a thank you. Anything else that I owe, I am starting now to work on these projects as I build up a savings. I have enough drive and ambition that I will never give up, I promise. I will always, eventually pay my debts, and continue to move forward in my creative projects, I can only move as fast as my income allows, but slowly moving nonetheless. Thank you.
Especially thank you Oliver, for the continued help, words cannot express.

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I do not have the Internet at my new place, so I could not update as soon as I would have liked. I did get moved in safely, but could not pay for my phone and Internet yet, without these things I cannot check on my online stores or book gigs, it puts me at a standstill, please check out my Etsy store, CrashXTrash, or my gofundme page or donate and get incentives like prints and clothes! My Paypal email is rogue2213@hotmail.com, my phone and Internet together are 190! So every lil donation counts!! Thank you,

Kat Kalashnikov

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Update: I have updated the amount goal to reflect what money I have made thru work, still need to pay for internet and phone so I can easily plan for my future, book shoots and gigs, and get settled in!!! Please help! Almost out of the mess!!!!


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Hey guys!!!! ATTN

I am moving, and am in need of making extra money!!!!

YES I work 40+ hours a week bartending,
YES I have not had a day off in 11 days now.
YES I am doing everything possible and under normal circumstances I can afford my cost of living, but basically I was waiting on one place and it did not work out so I had to go for another and it did work out but now I have one week to get the money.
So PLEASE look at my Etsy store: CrashXTrash,
 I have other clothing too, anything you ever saw and liked of mine and want just ask!!!!
 I can make latex clothing,
 I can sell prints of my modeling photos,
 I can assist in photoshoots,
I can clean houses, even in a skimpy outfit,
 I can do photoshoots for low rates in the Charlotte area!!!!!!!!
MY Paypal email is rogue2213@hotmail.com!!!
I have to make about $800 by the 29th!!!! I work everyday and get paid tips so that will cover half or 3/4ths but the rest I need to make with my extra skills/jobs/gigs/designs/etc!!!!!!

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I got approved for my new place!!!! (Yes it took that long for them to approve my application!) So I put the first $200 down they required, they called it a Good Faith fee, that is part of my security deposit but holds the property until I can pay the rest. Thank you everyone for your donations that helped me have the $200 in time!
So I still have to pay my 1st’s months rent, the other $225 of my deposit and pay for movers.
Also, I would like to get rid of as many of my Etsy for sale clothes as possible so please check out my Etsy store, or if you would like to buy some prints message me, or if you would like to donate to the cause, because after I move, the sooner I get settled the sooner I can get back to modeling and designing my clothing line!!!!
My Paypal email is rogue2213@hotmail.com! My Etsy store is https://www.etsy.com/shop/CRASHXTRASH?ref=si_shop

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